Friday, 28 September 2012

presentation for LINES & GRIDS! X

As part of one of my classes I have to do a presentation on lines and grids, but since my powerpoint isn't working i am going to do it on my blog instead!

I am looking at trees, as there is lots of lines in them.  I started by looking at painters who paint in monocrome. 
Shanth suresh enjeti
this is my own mark making. wax, pencils, dye.


carolee clark

kaye wyne

my own mark making.   Dyes, paint scraper, black paper.

own drawings, paint,, paint scraper, black paper, water soluble crayons.

marion deacon

susanna katherine.
karen gillis taylor
own drawings. cut out dyed paper.
own drawings.
angela vandenbogaard
my own mark making in a workshop with James. Acrylic paint, textural rubbings with wax candle. graphite stick.
i didnt get a name for this one! amazing. 
art institute shop.


tree made from recycled fabrics in london. by Helen Morgan


                                                                    seam ripper dailly

                                                         Connie lene

                                         Dave Rittinger’s

own mark making.


  1. wow... ALL THESE artworks are insane!! soo beautifully done!!

    ♥. Jo
    {style + travel}

  2. So so pretty! I love all the trees- especially the ones with the fabric!!
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    1. thankyouu!! :) yeah me tooo!

      will do xxxx

  3. beautiful tree designs they look completely awesome, They must cost pretty high...!

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  4. there is some great inspiration here :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I am now following you ox

    1. thankyou, no probs i will follow back! :) xo