Sunday, 23 September 2012

garment construction!

 So i've now started my 2nd year HND of college! One of my classes is garment construction. To kick off the year we had to research future trends from anytime over summer 2013 in the Textile View magazine (which is an amazing magazine!) After looking through all the magazines i came to the decision of two that I really liked,  "Transforming botanica" from winter 2013/14 and "Tender" from summer 2013. We then had to produce mood boards on the chosen trends showing a clear view of what the trend was and also colour palletes etc. This is my first mood board which i renamed as "Forest Fever."  

A close up of photograpghs from botanic gardens dundee. 

This is my second mood board "Tender" which i renamed as "Blushing Beauty."

I then had to present my boards to the class and my tutor where together they had to chose which one they liked the best! They liked both so i am now mixing the two together which i am so happy about and calling it "Blushing Botanic" yay! I know have to go ahead and design and produce a collection of outfits. I shall keep you all updated on my progress, heres to the next year :)


  1. Woow its cool :)

    My mum do something like that but i'm not so creativ

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    1. thankyou very much :)

      aww i bet you are :)

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