Wednesday, 20 June 2012

wrap design!

cut out holes and machine stitched circles!

different textured/blue fabrics and stitched wool.

dyed blue and destressed with wired on circles!

burned, wripped, stitched, dyed, circlessss

                                                                   a design
two wrap designs based on circles/shades of blue.

final wrap design!

final design, worn a little differently but i prefer it this way! :) photograph taken by Oliver F urqurkursen.


  1. you should post more of the art design you create, its simply lovely! thanks for commenting on my blog! I've finally updated mine :)

    xoxo, alee

  2. i know i will need to, ive just been constantly working stupid shifts just now so not had a chance to post :( but thankyou!!! il have a look im sure its lovely :) xxxxx